Course Description:

Excelling in a Supervisor Position

Course Number: 2000-116-ZZ-Z

7 Hrs

Course Content

It happens all the time. You did great work as an employee and now you have been promoted to a supervisory position. You’re no longer just “one of the guys”. Now you are responsible for directing the work of other people and creating an effective and efficient work environment.

What do you do? Holler for help? Hope that everything works out OK? Pray that no one notices your mistakes?

Most supervisors are thrown into supervisory positions with little or no preparation. And, the most amazing thing is – they are not offered an opportunity to receive any training.

Not many of us are born knowing how to manage, motivate, lead, hire, discipline, or fire other people. But now, you need to know how to do all those things!

Who Should Take This Course and Benefits:

Anyone who aspires to become a manager New supervisors and first-line managers

Experienced managers looking to enhance their leadership skills




Learn the characteristics of an effective supervisor.

Understand leadership styles and the qualities of a good leader.

Learn the core functions of: setting goals and planning, organizing work and assigning tasks and controlling work performance.

Understand steps for effective decision-making.

Gain skills in how to motivate today’s workers.

Practice communication skills such as listening, giving instructions and giving criticism.

Understand how to evaluate and discipline employees.

Learn how to manage change and resolve conflicts constructively. Pages 1 of 1 800.639.3535