Workforce Development and Upskilling Opportunities

New or well-skilled managers can always use updated knowledge for supervising and leading employees.  Geauga Growth Partnership, in partnership with The Computer Workshop, offers a wide variety of leadership content for training; all taught by professional facilitators!

Click HERE to review training topics.  All can be customized to meet your schedule and the individual needs of your employees.


Current Trainings

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Every Business uses Technology – Even Yours!

Reimbursement to obtain Credentials – Up to $2000 per credential

Each employer is eligible to receive up to $30K per application period.

Small to Large Businesses Eligible

Anything Technology focused, industry recognized and short term

(12 months or less, 30 credit hours/900 clock hours)

Training for approved credentials may start on or after the first day of the month immediately following the last application period. Training programs must still be completed in less than 12 months from the award date.

Grant agreements will no longer be separate documents; they will be incorporated into the online application portal. To Spark your Imagination-just a small sampling of almost 2,000 approved credentials employers were reimbursed for.

Check the official Ohio TechCred website for application deadlines here:

For a complete list visit: 

Receive Reimbursements to  Train Your Employees!

Incumbent Worker Training (IWT) – that will pay to train your employees!

IWT provides funds for employers in Geauga County to upgrade the skills of current eligible employees.

In the past few months, Geauga employers have received over $80,000 in training reimbursements! Employees can earn certifications in industries such as Transportation (CDL), IT,

Manufacturing and more!

Funding is available, so why not apply?

Requirements for Application Include:

  • Address strategy to retain employees, or increase skill set, and/or business growth
  • Be operating in Geauga County
  • Have full-time employees employed at least six months
  • Employees must be trained by 3rd party training provider


Contact Mandy Vacik at 440-285-1108 or to learn more.