Training For Supervisors

New or well-skilled managers can always use updated knowledge for supervising and leading employees.  Geauga Growth Partnership, in partnership with The Computer Workshop, offers a wide variety of leadership content for training; all taught by professional facilitators!

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• Dealing with Conflict
• Excelling in a Supervisor Position
• Communication Strategies
• Conducting Effective Meetings
• Creative Problem Solving
• Interviewing Skills For Managers
• Team Participation
• Time Management
• Workplace Diversity


Skills for Supervisors in 2023 ~ In person workshops, location in Geauga County!

Course Prices:  Cost is for a 2-session workshop listed below.

GGP Member: $200.00
Non-GGP Member: $250.00

Course Code ESP: Excelling in a Supervisor Position 

Gain skills in how to motivate today’s workers. Learn the characteristics of an effective supervisor.  Understand leadership styles and the qualities of a good leader.  Learn the core functions of: setting goals and planning, organizing work and assigning tasks and controlling work performance. Understand steps for effective decision-making. Practice communication skills such as listening, giving instructions and giving criticism. Understand how to evaluate and discipline employees.

Course Code BYT: How to build your team 

This course teaches students how to be an effective team member. Students learn how to communicate effectively, adapt to various personality styles, overcome common problems, work on aspects of verbal and nonverbal communication, create a supportive team environment, understand the source of team conflict, and employ different conflict resolution styles. Course activities also cover resolving conflict, avoiding the negative consequences of conflict, maximizing real benefits, reaching consensus, and making positive contributions to team decisions.

Course Code CST:  Communication Skills 

Written and verbal skills! The Communication Strategies workshop will help participants understand the different methods of communication and how to make the most of each of them. These strategies will provide a great benefit for any organization and its employees. They will trickle down throughout the organization and positively impact everyone involved.

Course Code CRS: Conflict Resolution

Conflict and difficult people exist at work as in all facets of life. Since you can’t prevent conflict, the most important thing is to learn how to manage conflict in productive ways. There are several strategies for coping with conflict and difficult people –knowing when and how to use these techniques can make you a more effective business professional and reduce the stress in your life.  In this class, you will learn about different types of conflict and how to work effectively to manage those scenarios. You will utilize different communication modalities to increase your chances of turning a conflict or stressful situation into a dialogue of cooperation.

Course Code CMT: Change Management

Change is a constant in many of our lives. All around us, technologies, processes, people, ideas, and methods often change, affecting the way we perform daily tasks and live our lives. Having a smooth transition when change occurs is important in any situation and your participants will gain some valuable skills through this workshop. The Change Management workshop will give any leader tools to implement changes more smoothly and to have those changes better accepted. This workshop will also give all participants an understanding of how change is implemented and some tools for managing their reactions to change.

Course Code PR: Performance Reviews

The aim of this course is to give you a practical guide to managing people at work. It does not matter whether you are a first-time manager in a shop or a middle manager in an office environment; the same skills apply to every work place. At the end of the course we hope you will be better equipped to choose a suitable employee, to motivate and appraise your team, to manage conflict in the work place and to lead and make decisions on a day to day basis.


Classes require a minimum of 6 participants to be held. Prefer you register 1 week before the class. Payment will be processed at that time. If course is canceled, payment will be refunded or credited for future training.