Exclusive Peer to Peer Roundtables

CEO Peer Advisory Groups

The benefits to be a member of a Peer Advisory Group:

    • Create a network of highly successful like-minded company owners
    • Monthly Peer Advisory Group 8-hour day
    • Individual coaching 2 hours per month with David Levy
    • Transform your business by resolving issues quickly
    • Sharing of ideas and solutions specific to your industry or company
    • Increase topline revenues as well as bottom line profits
    • Savings of more than 80% for value of Peer Group Benefits and professional consultation

    Since 2020, Geauga Growth Partnership offers select companies the opportunity to participate in a CEO Peer Advisory Group, facilitated by David Levy, CEO & Founder of Corporate Support Services & Solutions (www.csssg.co).  The Advisory Group meets monthly and each member receives two hours of individual coaching with Mr. Levy.  Monthly group sessions are designed to focus on an issue or opportunity identified by a member – to then receive advisement from peer business owners to implement a successful solution. 

HR Roundtable

The HR Roundtable is a professional group that discusses workplace challenges and helps solve problems through the sharing of ideas and innovative thinking. In the roundtable, participants learn or update best practices with peers, hear from subject matter experts, create a networking and support group, and discuss insights or issues affecting their industry, company or peer group. Overall outcome is to have a continuing dialog that improves skills, job and company performance.

The HR group is comprised of HR Managers, Generalists, Specialists, Administrators, Talent Managers, and Office Managers who have HR responsibilities beyond their main role. The group represents large and small companies and organizations, manufacturing, business services, government, staffing, training professionals.


To learn more or to register for one of the Roundtables, contact GGP at 440-564-1060 or info@geaugagrowth.com.