L.E.A.D. Supervisor & Leadership Training

L.E.A.D. utilizes interactive workshops, citing real world experiences, that bring relevant and thought-provoking information to equip supervisors with the tools and knowledge needed to lead others. A series of eight (8) courses facilitated by a professional trainer, covers topics like communication skills, conflict management, performance, teamwork and more. The courses are suited for those who are newly promoted, those who have never had formal training, or those who desire to update their skills.

“I entered the program with very little experience and knowledge about leadership. This course’s content will outline the way I supervise for years to come.” 

T. Gordon, Bainbridge Township

“The class [Interview & Selection] was phenomenal. Probably the best course on the subject matter I’ve ever attended. We all found it very valuable. Immediately valuable, in fact. We’ve already amended some of our hiring practices to comport with some of Steve’s suggestions. He was an excellent presenter in every way. Couldn’t be happier with this experience.” 

F. Antenucci, Geauga County Engineers Office

Coaching Skills for Managers

The Academy for Coaching Excellence program trains and equips management teams with the skills required to generate the culture that will drive success.
Developing an effective coaching culture starts with recognizing that coaching is different from managing. Coaching helps build a solid operational foundation throughout your organization in a way that engages employees differently and helps drive overall success.