Support Geauga Growth Partnership

Did you know? 

The Geauga Growth Partnership (GGP) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. This organization exists because of   the advocacy and generosity of the local business community, foundations, and individual donors like YOU.

Funded by a start-up grant from the Cleveland Foundation’s Lake-Geauga Fund, the GGP was founded in 2010.

Why was GGP founded?

The goal was to set up programs and processes to enable business growth and prosperity, building upon the County’s remarkable assets. GGP was established, inspired by the nearby Ashtabula Partnership, following the 2008-2009 recession. Twenty-five business and civic leaders strategized and committed to the creation of a nonprofit that could help Geauga businesses thrive. 

What is the GGP?

Geauga Growth Partnership (GGP) is committed to meeting the needs of local businesses through the development of creative and innovative solutions and the expansion of partnerships and resources that boost our local economy.

GGP gathers, analyzes, and develops unique programs and services based on business, educational, and community needs. Led by the local business community, GGP can act quickly, modify strategies, and get to action.

We are committed to growing our economy through the following strategic initiatives:

GROW.                              Attracting Business and Talent.

GUIDE.                              Supporting Local Businesses.

PREPARE.                        The Workforce of the Future.

What are your charitable plans?


Give securely online, supporting the GENERAL OPERATIONS of GGP.

Mail a check written to Geauga Growth Partnership.


Call or email us to discuss your funding interests.

Consider a sustained monthly contribution, which you control the parameters.

A gift in tribute to an individual, family, or business.

Talk to your financial advisor to design an estate plan for your philanthropic Needs.


Contemplate leaving GGP as a beneficiary in your will, or life insurance policy.

Deliberate options of stock transfers to GGP.

Think about an IRA distribution.

Invest directly to one of our two endowment funds held at the Cleveland

Foundation, affording opportunity for your gift to support the Geauga County

Economy in perpetuity.

Geauga Growth Partnership Workforce Development Fund in Honor of

Frank Samuel

Geauga Legacy Fund

The GGP team would appreciate connecting with you to discuss how we can align your philanthropic goals with current programs and services supporting our community.

Please call our Director of Development at (440) 564-1060 or email at to set up a meeting.

The Geauga Growth Partnership Federal Tax ID# is 27-2897243.

Geauga Growth Partnership Workforce Development Fund in Honor of Frank Samuel

In memory of GGP’s founding president Frank Samuel who was passionate about mentoring young people, and to ensure his legacy through continued outreach to all youth of Geauga County, the GGP Board of Directors established the Frank Samuel Workforce Development Endowment Fund “to support youth programs, workforce education, career development, and entrepreneurship.”

Geauga Growth Partnership Legacy Fund

In 2022, the Board of Directors made the decision to create a legacy fund for potential donors that would support the work of the organization beyond workforce development activities.  This fund will help to ensure that GGP has the resources necessary to continue to positively impact the quality of life in Geauga County, today and into the future.

Both, the Geauga Growth Partnership Workforce Development Fund in Honor of Frank Samuel and the Geauga Growth Partnership Legacy Fund, are held and managed by the Cleveland Foundation. These funds augment GGP’s revenue mix and help to ensure long-term financial stability through the preservation and investment of dollars for future benefit. With oversight from the GGP’s board of directors, the Cleveland Foundation stewards the funds and ensures that each dollar multiplies over time to generate returns earmarked for GGP programs.

Donations of cash or appreciated assets may be made to The Cleveland Foundation and designated for one of the above GGP funds.  All gifts are tax deductible. Please contact the Geauga Growth Partnership at (440) 564-1060 or The Cleveland Foundation for assistance.