Support Geauga Growth Partnership

GGP is a registered 501 (c)3 with Internal Revenue Service for the purposes of promoting, encouraging and sustaining economic development and business growth in Geauga County. GGP revenue is generated through memberships, sponsorships, grants and other donations. GGP would like to thank The Cleveland Foundation, the Fairmount Santrol Foundation and the Catherine L & Edward A. Lozick Foundation, who support the mission of Geauga Growth Partnership.

Event Sponsorships

GGP event sponsorships can provide year-long marketing exposure for businesses, while helping to sustain the many programs and offerings, including adult enrichment and youth workforce training. GGP event and sponsorship marketing reaches Geauga businesses through email marketing, website presence, social media, printed materials and event signage.

Signature Events

  • GGP Annual Meeting This flagship event draws more than 200 business leaders and decision makers for unparalleled B2B networking during a breakfast meeting. The event features a high profile keynote speaker and GGP leadership presents organizational updates and priorities. GGP sponsors receive logo and name recognition in email marketing to a database of nearly 2500 individuals, logo and/or name recognition on posters and signs distributed across social media platforms, and logo recognition on event signs, table toppers and the GGP annual report.
  • HomeGrown Geauga This premier event has become the summer party “not to miss” that draws more than 450 elite guests. Sponsors benefit from frequent marketing in print, web and social media. The earlier the commitment, the greater your touchpoints. GGP’s annual fundraiser supports GGP’s Youth Workforce Development Program.

Other Sponsored Events

  •  Entrepreneur Success Breakfasts Featured Geauga County entrepreneurs who have founded and established successful businesses are a big draw for business leaders. Entrepreneur Success sponsors have benefitted from marketing aligned with featured speakers like the nationally renowned owners of Great Lakes Cheese, Fairmount Santrol and Paganini’s School of Cooking and International Culinary Arts and Sciences Institute.
  • Networking Events Sponsors of Networking Events reap the benefits of targeted marketing to other GGP members, business leaders and their invited guests who are drawn to these networking gatherings to build B2B collaborations and initiate business.
  • Intern Recognition Evening Market to your future workforce by supporting this annual event to recognize and celebrate the students who completed the GGP Summer Internship program.
  • Youth Workforce Training Events Be a “spotlight company” and get an exclusive audience with your future workforce by sponsoring student lunches during day-long training sessions.


An investment in Geauga Growth Partnership is an investment in Geauga County. All gifts help sustain GGP’s ability to provide many services and educational opportunities that promote the economic development, business growth, and youth & adult workforce training in Geauga County.

All gifts are much appreciated and can be unrestricted or designated to a specific fund. Contact us to make your donation at

Frank Samuel Workforce Development Endowment Fund

In memory of GGP’s founding president Frank Samuel who was passionate about mentoring young people, and to ensure his legacy through continued outreach to all youth of Geauga County, the GGP Board of Directors established the Frank Samuel Workforce Development Endowment Fund “to support youth programs, workforce education, career development, and entrepreneurship.”

The Frank Samuel Endowment Fund is held and managed by the Cleveland Foundation, which invests the assets for greater return on investment and fiscally prudent growth. There are many ways to give to the fund. 

Donations of cash or appreciated assets may be made to The Cleveland Foundation and designated for the Frank Samuel Endowment Fund. Please contact Geauga Growth or The Cleveland Foundation for assistance.