Summer Incubator Program

Previously known as the Geauga Growth Partnership Summer Internship Program, the redesigned Incubator program aims to connect youth, families, schools, and businesses together in support of the youth’s pursuit of purpose in the workplace. Youth develop new skills and competencies that increase employability regardless of their educational and career pursuits post-high school graduation, and engaging them in the communities in which they live in such a way that shows viability for life and work in the future. All youth who participate in the 2022 Incubator Program will be part of a cohort of 15-18 year olds. GGP will coordinate Incubator Onboarding, workshops throughout the summer for the cohort, and provide supervision/connection to the companies. The Geauga Growth Partnership Youth Workforce Incubator Program will serve as an opportunity for all youth, to develop key employability and social skills needed to succeed in the workplace of and for the future.
Through this reimagined program, GGP aims to make the program more inclusive, to serve all youth regardless of their educational pathways towards a meaningful career. Our interns are now cohort members, host business are truly partners. Together, we are all sharing in the spirit of collaboration and collective learning, promoting growth mindset practices in the workplace and increasing awareness of career opportunities and the education, skills, and training needed for these careers. We have also shifted program design to better align with graduation requirements for the class of 2023 and beyond, including the renewed focus on mentorship, skills development, and documentation of learning. Key programming will remain, such as career readiness workshops, deemed Future Focused Fridays and held each Friday during the term of the program, and networking and celebration events that help our cohorts grow their support networks and acknowledge all that they have accomplished through the program.

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