GGP members believe collectively by working through partnerships we create a much stronger and more vibrant business environment. We attract new business and help existing companies in a variety of ways. We offer training for adult and youth workforce development. Investing in the business community is an investment that benefits Geauga residents.


  • Advocating for businesses and partnering with FirstEnergy for greater availability of electrical energy resulting in the installation of upgraded transmission lines
  • Partnering with Everstream to expand access to broadband internet services through their fiber network
  • Advocating for companies by researching and locating properties best suited for business relocation and expansion
  • Advocating for zoning changes, financing and other business needs
  • Communicating to keep Geauga business community abreast of the status of shale oil and gas development
  • Collaborating to establish and implement Bridges@Work services to help Geauga workforce to navigate solutions to personal concerns.
  • Collaborating to establish and implement Bridges2Work to help the unemployed or underemployed expand their skill sets and gain meaningful employment
  • Advocating to offer savings plans in healthcare, energy and lighting
  • Advocating to offer a GGP Workers Compensation group savings
  • Collaborating to establish health and wellness education, resources and training
  • Collaborating with educators to build and present robust and diverse professional development training programs
  • Innovating to develop and provide vibrant and relevant Youth Workforce Education programs