Geauga Growth Partnership Leadership

Leadership, Committees and Task Forces




Chairman:  John Epprecht (Great Lakes Cheese, Troy)

Vice Chairman:  John C. Steigerwald (Bechem Lubrication Technology, LLC, Bainbridge)

Secretary: Richard J. Frenchie (The Frenchie Group, Chardon)

Treasurer: Stephanie Ronyak (The Arms Trucking Company, E. Claridon)


Clifford Babcock (Junction Auto Family, Claridon)

Sheryl Clemson ( Hambden)

Jeff Coy (Kinetico, Newbury)

David Ford (The Federal Improvement Company, Middlefield)

Jay Giles ( Burton) 

Eric Hollinger (Middlefield Banking Company, Middlefield) 

Lee Imhof (Troy Chemical Industries, Troy)

Christian Klein (Company 119, Chardon)

Tony Madormo (Fairmount Santrol, Chardon)

Jacqueline Malone  (Huntington Bank)

Matthew Nipper (KeyBank)

Jim Patterson (Patterson Fruit Farm, Chesterland)

Bonnie Troyer (HR Strategies & Solutions, Middlefield) 

Charles White (White Management/Newbury Business Park, Middlefield)

John Wilhelm (Russell)

Larry Yoder (Sheoga Hardwood Flooring & Paneling, Middlefield)

To contact any of the board members please email


The Geauga Growth Partnership has a number of Committees and Task Forces that carry out member-driven initiatives that help Geauga companies save money and connect with resources. Board Committees are composed of Directors. Task Forces are composed of GGP Members, with non-Members eligible for limited periods. GGP Members are strongly encouraged to volunteer for committee and task force work within their areas of competence or interest.

Board Committees 


Makes recommendation to the Board the appointment of an independent auditor review audits, and makes recommendations as appropriate to the Board. Chair, Lee Imhof (Troy Chemical Industries)

Board Development

Identifies and nominates new directors to serve on the Board and provides orientation of new Directors. Chair, Richard Frenchie (The Frenchie Group)


Compromised of the officers and acts for the Board as necessary between meetings. Chair, John Epprecht (Great Lakes Cheese)


Provides financial oversight, including recommendations to the Board for financial management and budgets. Chair, Stephanie Ronyak (Arms Trucking)


Guides communications and public affairs activities. Chair, Richard J. Frenchie (The Marketing Group).


Sets membership goals and oversees and participates in membership recruitment and renewal activity. Chair, John Steigerwald (Bechem Lubrication Technology, LLC)

Task Forces


Develops and guides networking and educational activities for entrepreneurs. Chair, Christian Klein (Company 119)


Develops educational programs on healthcare reform and explores health benefits and health and wellness programs for Partnership Members. Chair Richard J. Frenchie (The Frenchie Group)


Responsible for developing and guiding educational programs on infrastructure such as power, water, sewer, broadband and natural gas. Chair, John Epprecht (Great Lakes Cheese)

Shale Energy

Develops educational programs about shale oil and gas drilling supply chain and other opportunities and issues presented by Shale energy development. Chair, John Steigerwald (Bechem Lubrication Technology, LLC)

Workforce Development 

Oversees task force units that develop activities related to workforce education and preparation. Task Force  includes programs for Student Education, Internship, and Adult Education. Chair, Lee Imhof (Troy Chemical)

Adult Education

In collaboration with schools and other educational institutions, develops activities related to continuing educational programs for workforce preparation.

Internship Program

Guides the program of summer internships for Geauga County high school juniors and seniors. Chair, Lee Imhof (Troy Chemical Industries)

Student Education

In collaboration with schools and other educational institutions, develops activities related to workforce preparation. Chair, John Wilhelm



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