Career Readiness

Youth Workforce Development Programs


GGP Career Awareness events are offered to all Geauga County Eighth Graders, as a means to expose students to the diverse job and career options available, which will help them select an appropriate educational path.

The events consist of day-long field trips to visit at least three businesses, speak with employees, learn job options, skill sets and education requirements for different jobs.

GGPs Career Readiness events for Sophomore, Junior and Senior high school students provide a progressive learning experience that prepares them to successfully enter the workforce through opportunities to practice and apply job search skills.

Students learn how to make the most of positive first impressions and how to showcase their skills for future employers in Geauga County. Students build effective resumes and practice interviewing skills.  Throughout these experiences they learn how to understand, appreciate and utilize soft skills and the role workplace behavior plays in getting and keeping a job.

Career Readiness & Awareness programs are available to all Geauga County school districts. Each program is designed by a team of educators, business sponsors, professional speakers and GGP administrators.

To learn more contact Betsy Covington, Youth Education Engagement Director, at

High School Juniors and Seniors are invited to apply to participate in GGP’s High School Internship Program as part of their Youth Workforce Education experience. See the Internship Program page for details about participation and outcomes of that program.

See an overview of GGP’s Youth Workforce Development Program in Youth Workforce Education Overview.

In addition to academic knowledge and technical training, the success of any worker is heavily influenced by “soft skills.”  These are specific habits and behaviors that can add substantially to a worker’s job performance and play a vital role in workplace success.  To view “Soft skills Expected in the Workplace” click here.